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Schools and raising awareness

Repair Together is also committed to increasing citizens and future generations awareness by offering educational activities adapted to various audiences.


Repair Together gives these school activities in Wallonia and Brussels. For activities in English, go to the website of our partners of The Restart Project.



Activities for the public and schools

We offer various activities around the Repair Café concept and related themes: the circular economy, planned obsolescence, the life cycle of electronic devices, etc.


Thematic activities

Below you can discover the different activities we offer. These can be combined, depending on your objectives and how much time you have available. They are aimed at and adapted to all types of public : schools, citizen groups, neighbourhood associations, youth centres, companies, students, etc.

Further information

Would you like to propose a brainstorming session to your members or colleagues on your consumption patterns ? Set up new habits and actions in your organisation ? Or organise a one-time Repair Café ? We will be happy to help you organise these activities !

A great group energy put to good use in a broad reflection on a sustainable economic model. Our facilitators clearly showed their ambition to make things happen at home and in their communities ! #LesScoutsASBL


Parcours Ecol'nomie Circulaire

This journey invites students to discover the circular economy through a series of outings and activities.

Check the PDF below to discover the ones that marked out the Parcours Ecol'nomie Circulaire carried out in Brussels in 2018-2019. This journey can of course be adapted according to your situation !

Organise a Repair Café in your school !

Creating a Repair Café in your school is possible ! It allows you to promote the skills of young people and to create links between parents, teachers and students around an environmental project.

Would you like to launch the Repair Café adventure in your school ? It's really easy! Contact us and we will help you develop your project. School board, teachers, students : get started, let's repair together !

Create a Repair Café in my school

Presentation in French

Interested ?

For more information, instructional teaching sheets or to organise an activity in your institution...