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Repair Lab

The Repair Lab is a unique spot, in the heart of Ixelles where everyone is welcome to come and repair their objects. DIY enthusiasts meet here to share professional tools, exchange knowledge and knowhow, experiment together and take repairing to the next level.


The Repair Lab is open on Tuesdays from 4pm to 8pm and every first Saturday of the month from 12pm to 4pm.

The Repair Lab is located in Ixelles in the new Usquare district, 2 minutes walk from Etterbeek station.

Building F - 1st floor (opposite the ULB Fablab)

Main entrance to the site : Avenue de la Couronne 227 (1050 Ixelles)


Our mission

We want to facilitate repair by making professional tools available in a place that's open and accessible to everyone.

At the Repair Lab, we take the time to repair, experiment and share our repair knowledge.

The Repair Lab is a new third place opening its doors at Usqaure, in the heart of Ixelles in the old barracks. It's a converging place for local residents, Repair Café volunteers, makers, students and researchers, organisations and businesses, DIY enthusiasts of any age, ...

We want repairing to become something simple that everyone can do (like it used to be).

Repairing by yourself

At the Repair Lab, you'll find a range of tools to disassemble, test, replace, 3D print and repair your object.

All material is free to use!

Lacking basic knowledge? No worries, our Repair Manager is present to guide you so you can successfully repair your object.

We also organise basic and advanced training courses on a regular basis. Check our calendar.

Conscious participation

You don't need a membership card or subscription for the Repair Lab, everyone is welcome.

We propose the concept of 'conscious participation':
Conscious participation invites us to discuss the valuation of our organisation's work. It consists of determining together, as a group, which participation is fair considering your possibilities and realities.

How to learn to repair?

Thematic sessions

Once a month, we organise a co-repair session focused on a particular object. No instructors are present during this session, everyone is free to share their knowledge so we can increase our repair knowhow together.


We regularly organise thematic training sessions on the objects that we most frequently encounter at the Repair Cafés.

Whether you have a basic or an expert level of expertise, there's something for everyone who wants to keep learning.

Every training session consists of a theoretical and a practical part.

Our instructors will share the tips and tricks they've learned during their professional career and their volunteer work at the Repair Cafés.


At the Repair Lab, we encourage you to share your knowledge. That's why we have set up a 'tutorial' area: white background, camera, lighting... You will find all the material needed to create your own professional-quality tutorials.

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