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Volunteer at a Repair Café

Repair Cafés are based on the principle of volunteering. Whether it comes down to organisation, reception or repair : everyone can help with their own means !

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What I found at the Repair Café was a friendly atmosphere and enthusiasts like me emulating ideas. Here's my motto: "Objects deserve a second chance, just like we do."

I joined the Repair Café as a volunteer because this citizen action embodies the concepts of solidarity, conviviality and sharing. I also appreciate the idea of repairing/reviving an object, because it avoids waste and overconsumption. It's soothing !


Do you find this a great concept ? Are you happy to know that citizens are mobilising and pulling together to fight waste and overconsumption ? Do you just want to get involved in a meaningful project with your neighbours ? Any reason is a good reason to embark on this adventure !

Joining the team at a Repair Cafe is...

Engaging in tangible and meaningful action

Contributing at your own level, according to your skills and aspirations

A friendly atmosphere, a close-knit team and new encounters

What does it involve to become a Repair Café volunteer ?

Any kind of help is useful


You don't have to be a repair expert ! Repair Cafés are always in need of support in terms of communication or general organisation, welcoming visitors, the coffee section or any other activity running parallel to the workshops.

Do not hesitate to contact their managers or attend a workshop so you can share ideas on how to contribute to the project.

According to your availability


You are of course not limited to the Repair Café in your community if you want to get involved : your help is welcome in all Repair Cafés. Likewise, offering your help does not mean that you have to be there every month or for a set period of time. Feel free to participate according to your wishes, availability and skills.

It totally makes sense in my life right now to devote a few hours a month to sharing my knowledge. If that also takes places in a warm atmosphere, surrounded by other people cherishing these values, then it really becomes a pleasure !


Do you still have questions ?