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Toss it ? No way ! The Repair Café International Fondation helps local initiatives around the world start their Repair Café. The Repair Café International Foundation has two partners in Belgium : Netwerk Bewust Verbruiken in Flanders and Repair Together which supports and weaves the network of Repair Cafés in Wallonia and the Brussels-Capital Region since 2012.

Coalition of European organisations active around the right to repair. Based in several European countries, Right to Repair Europe represents repair communities and movements, social economy actors, self-repair and any citizen who would like to defend their right to repair. Repair Together is an early member of the coalition.

The federation RESSOURCES represents social and circular enterprises in the sector of the reuse of goods and materials. It defends the interests of its members and supports them in the creation of economic, social and environmental values. Repair Together has been a member of RESSOURCES since 2015.

The Restart Project is a social enterprise that aims to fix our relationship with electronics. It regularly organises Restart Parties where people teach each other how to repair their devices. Created in 2013 and based in London, its message is universal and its motto is : Don’t despair, just repair ! Restart Project and Repair Together collaborate in many projects related to repair, reuse and the right to repair.

ECOS is the only environmental organisation in the world that specialises in standardisation. It's an international network of members sharing a vision of a clean and healthy environment where people live with respect for the planet and its natural resources, preserving them for future generations.

Repair Together and ECOS share a common vision and goals that are linked, among others, within the Right to Repair Europe coalition that advocates for the universal right to repair.

Les Petits Riens NPO is a social economy enterprise whose mission is to support people in difficulty so that they can gain autonomy in a sustainable way. Founded in 1937, Les Petits Riens was involved in the "social economy" long before the term was coined. Repair Together and Les Petits Riens work together to organise free training courses for Repair Café volunteers.

The Recyclerie sociale de St Gilles is a social economy enterprise that collects, sorts and repairs any furnishing or decorative objects that citizens wish to get rid of. The refurbished objects are then sold in our store. The Recyclerie sociale is an initiative of the Saint-Gilles municipality and GroupeOne financed by the Brussels Region Repair Together acts as a partner in the project.

Netwerk Bewust Verbruiken is a Dutch-speaking association that aims to inspire and encourage citizens to adopt a simple and sustainable lifestyle. Their activities stimulate the reuse, recovery and sharing of things. They support the Flemish Repair Cafés via Repair & Share. Sharing a similar environmental vision and common goals, NBV and Repair Together collaborate and encourage sharing, reuse, recovery and, of course, repair.

CF2D strives to innovate in the creation of activities and new jobs and the valorisation of resources to promote socioeconomic solidarity.  CF2D and Repair Together are members of RESSOURCES. Since 2013 they have been working together on a regular basis. They collaborate on the recovery and revalorisation of irreparable objects that transit through the Repair Cafés; they also collaborate during events and projects related to repair and reuse. Finally, they work together to cater to their needs of upgraded computer equipment.

Ethikis ad Civis is an association that promotes ethical consumption and use in any way possible. Active in France and located in Toulouse, the organisation is developing a label to fight planned obsolescence. Repair Together supports Ethikis in the process of developing the LongTime label.

TheBabythèque is the first library for baby items in Brussels. It's a project of Netwerk Bewust Verbruiken and GC Elzenhof with the support of the municipality of Ixelles, the VGC, Be Planet! and Repair Together.

Give a Day is a platform dedicated to volunteering, involving volunteers and organisations. Repair Together is listed on this site seeking for volunteers to participate in their nearest Repair Café in Brussels and Wallonia.