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Sharing repair knowledge and data by creating a supporting infrastructure to help citizens repair more.

Sharepair at a glance


Sharepair is an ambitious project that aims to help citizens find repair solutions for their electrical and electronic equipment, and thus reduce the pollution that presently results from it.

Repair Together is one of the 17 partners - led by the city of Leuven - in this Interreg NWEurope project. Together they have a budget of €7.784 million for the period 2020-2023 to set up a pilot support infrastructure.


In the transition to a more circular economy, the repair of objects remains an underexploited avenue, although it could prevent the use of a large number of materials and energy.

It is unfortunate that citizens are not being offered more serious alternatives to the throwaway culture. There is, however, a growing repair community with more than 10,000 volunteers involved. Cities also have strategies for a transition to a more circular economy. They have the necessary expertise to engage their citizens and could benefit from the growth of the local repair economy. But to reverse the growing stream of waste, a greater impact is needed.


Sharepair wants to accelerate the expansion of repair through digital tools adapted to citizens, Repair Cafés members and other repair initiatives.

These tools will be developed from several perspectives :

The joint development of these tools and the sharing of data on their use will have a cumulative effect on the extent to which more citizens, organisations and cities invest in repair.

Interested in the project ?

Whether it is as a Repair Café, a citizen or an association, there are many ways you can get involved.