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Create a Repair Café

Would you like to start a Repair Café in your municipality ? Repair Together offers support and tools to walk you through the process, step by step !


To create a Repair Café, you will first need to find a few volunteers, a venue and a date !

Repair Together is the official partner of the Repair Café Foundation (Netherlands) for Brussels and Wallonia.  We will provide you with a free "Repair Café starter kit" (in French) tailored to our Belgian reality.

What does the starter kit contain ?

This online kit includes a practical fifteen-page guide as well as many useful documents. You will also find communication tools and a series of tips and tricks to help you get organised.

Would you like to get the starter kit ?

After you have officially registered with the Repair Café Foundation, we will send you the kit. This will allow you to join the international network and use the "Repair Café" name and its logo. 

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What's next ?

Once your project is on track, we will create an official page for your Repair Café on this site, which you can then manage yourself. The dates of your Repair Cafés will be listed in our calendar. We will send you communication materials and your volunteers will be able to participate in our training courses.

Repair Together will assist you in your project by providing advice and support. Our association does however not take care of recruiting volunteers for you or finding a venue. Repair Cafés remain independent events !