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Repair training courses

Repair Together organises thematic repair training courses, reserved for Repair Café volunteers. These training courses are an opportunity to share knowledge across the entire network.


Multiplying and disseminating repair skills within the network

For Repair Together, sharing and multiplying knowledge is a major objective. The training courses offered by our association are aimed at each Repair Café member with the aim of boosting the confidence of repairers who are just starting out, perfecting their knowledge or simply meeting and exchanging ideas.


Training courses for and by members of the network

Our training courses are given by volunteer repairers from the network, who offer to share their knowledge and skills with all members of the Repair Cafés.


The training courses are free for the network's volunteers and require registration. They are organised on a regular basis in the different Walloon provinces and in Brussels. The managers of the Repair Cafés receive the training programme for the coming month by e-mail and pass it on to their volunteers.

Most of the training courses come with repair tutorials, made freely available on our website by the trainers.

We are renewing our themes and are looking for new trainers to expand our team !

For information purposes, here is a non-exhaustive thematic list of the training courses we currently offer :

  • Introductions to the basics of repair : basics of electricity and electronics, basics of troubleshooting and safety, basics of using a sewing machine, 3D printing and repair, electronic welding, etc.
  • Focus on the repair of specific devices : vacuum cleaner, steam generator iron, toaster, printer, coffee machine, sewing machine, bread machine, desktop/laptop computer, vinyl turntable, etc.

Don't hesitate to suggest new themes for training courses and tutorials according to your own skills !


Reception of trainees in Repair Cafés

Are you a student in a repair-related field ? Would you like to complete your internship at the Repair Cafés ? Repair Together offers approved internships in partnership with your training institution.

This is notably the case with the Institut de Mécanique et Electricité Marguerite Massart, which has provided many positive experiences for both students and Repair Cafés' teams.

If your school or training programme does not allow you to do an official internship with us, but you would still like to acquire practical knowledge within our network, do not hesitate to contact us! The Repair Café is a true meeting place, a bearer of values, which allows you to acquire new relational and technical skills.

Interested ?

Would you like to host one of these training courses in your Repair Café or share your skills with other repairers by offering a training course ? Would you like to do an internship ?